What is Bout Betting in Boxing?

In boxing, bout betting is a way to predict a winner. The bout market is also known as the outright win market, and it involves selecting the fighter who you believe will win the fight. The winner of this wager receives a payout based on the moneyline established by the bookmaker. There are also other types of wagers, known as proposition bets. Most prop bets are on rounds, the method of victory, and whether the fight will go the distance lifeline hospital

One way to make a good boxing bet is to research a boxer’s history. You’ll need to check his boxing record, and consider the average distance of the matches he’s fought. There are several ways a fight can end, including by knockout, technical knockout, split decision, or draw. Most boxing betting sites will focus on the first two of those options, since the odds are more realistic.

Another popular option is to bet on the underdog. The underdog may have a better record against a similar fighter, or the fighter could have suffered an injury recently. This is why it’s important to understand that gambling involves risk, so you need to be prepared for the unexpected.

Prop bets are similar to those found in other sports, such as over/under. In boxing, you can bet on the number of knockdowns in a fight, the number of rounds, and how many points a fighter will gain or lose by knockout. You can also bet on how the fight will end, such as by KO or TKO.